Honk Vocabulary Tempts Honda & Toyota

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Both Honda and Toyota are two of the world’s biggest automakers around and they tend to have this habit of implementing something unusual on their cars with hopes of turning it into a must-have thing on every production vehicle.

We have seen Toyota pulling it off with the hybrid Prius whereas Honda kept on showing how turbocharged technology can mean better fuel economy. With these two brands not shying away from wacky ideas, perhaps the video below may hint on a future with multiple honk sounds.

The video basically shows a lad that has 4 different honk sounds equipped on his Volkswagen Jetta and each honk serves a different purpose. The standard honk on a vehicle is simply not enough, especially when the drastic sound produced are often interpreted negatively by other road users.

For most drivers, I believe, are not the road rage type hence they need a honk to communicate with other drivers in a friendly tone rather than angry. The lad in the clip below shows it can be done and if there are carmakers out there willing to give it a try, it’s likely to be Honda and Toyota.