How Buick Regal Would Make Mazda 6 Owners So Jealous

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If GM makes the right calls, it can spark a much needed revival for the Buick brand in the US. Would the upcoming Buick Regal help advance that cause? By the looks of the upcoming wagon that’s based off the Opel Insignia, the answer is a resounding yes.

At this point, no one can say for sure whether wagons are going to take off in the US market, now that sedans are dying a painful death to pickup trucks and crossovers.

But if they’re going to look like the new Regal wagon, then we say bring ’em on. Recent spy shots of the ride show it to be clad almost entirely in camouflage, but it’s already easy to see that Buick’s new ride is going to be quite the looker.

In fact, it looks to be a pretty decent alternative to the Volvo V60 Cross Country or Subaru Outback. It’s essentially the answer to the Mazda 6 wagon that has continually eluded to the US market. Perhaps this would push Mazda to finally introduce its wagon stateside.

Aside from obvious changes to the grille, the Insignia-derived Regal seems to have bulkier stance thanks slightly flared fenders and meatier side skirts. Its overall shape remains almost identical to the original Opel wagon; however, the little changes have given it a more crossover-like appearance.