How Ford Mustang Laughs At Bentley Continental Owners

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There are a lot of cool stuff to be found on Craigslist, including this Bentley Continental that isn’t exactly British. It may look more or less like one, but it’s actually a Ford Mustang chassis in disguise, specifically the S195 Mustang GT powered by a Procharged 4.6L V8 worth 550hp.

You wouldn’t know that until getting in the ride, as this kit car would look like the real thing to the average Joe. For those with more experienced and discerning eyes, there are of course external indicators that don’t quite add up, such as its door handles.

The seller claims this pseudo-Bentley costs close to $100,000 to put assemble and adds that on the outside, it boasts up to $20,000 of original Bentley components. Furthermore, he/she insists that it looks more worthwhile than any Continental GT under $300,000, though many would be inclined to disagree.

Bentley Continental owners, especially those with the early 2000’s models, may not take too kindly to the seller saying that those cars are “unreliable and cost a fortune to maintain”, offering the aforementioned kit car as a more sustainable solution for daily driving.

Bentley Continental Mustang Kit Car