Hyundai Elantra & Santa Fe N-Variants Confirmed To Be Sleepers

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It has been a tough start to 2017 for Hyundai but that is not stopping the South Korean car manufacturer from sticking to their N blueprints. Hyundai has said before that they want to offer more N cars in the near future and today, they offered more details on the matter.

Hyundai revealed that the N nameplate is made to represent cars that are tailored for greater performance and speed. The carmaker added that they “theoretically every model could have it”.

In lament’s term, the N nameplate is going to serve Hyundai like how the GTI serves Volkswagen and the ST serves Ford. But one particular detail left us intrigued and that is the fact that Hyundai has no interest to offer excessively sporty styling with their future N products.

Hyundai explained that “[The] N brand means to have better performance, it doesn’t mean aggressive design.” With that being said, we can safely assume that the future Elantra N and Santa Fe N is going to be sleepers in their own respective segments. Wouldn’t you agree?