Hyundai Hydrogen Program May Take Away Citroen’s chances!

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What you are looking at above is a concept photo of an upcoming SUV from Hyundai and it is said to have an FCEV powertrain. For those who don’t know what FCEV is, the powertrain has a zero-emission setup that feeds on hydrogen.

Most Asia-based carmakers believe that FCEV is the real future and it will replace gasoline entirely – something that was thought to be the role of pure EVs. There are fewer setbacks and restrictions with FCEV which makes it a better successor to oil-guzzling powertrains but it will take a while before FCEV can become an established offering.

Back to the SUV from Hyundai, the design of the vehicle has left us confused because it looks like a Citroen but with the face of a Kona. Well, design aside, it is good to see Hyundai taking the initiative to develop more FCEVs for the future, especially when Japanese brands have shown more commitment towards the technology.

FCEV is expected to go on a sharp incline from 2020 onwards and we can expect the Citroen-like Kona above to be available then.