Hyundai i30 N Preview Signals Subaru WRX STI & Ford Focus RS Demise!

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Hyundai pulled the curtains off the RN30 Concept at the Paris Motor Show earlier today and it offered us a front-row preview on what is to come with the i30 N. The upcoming sports hatch from Hyundai is projected to arrive next year and it promises plenty of power to offer.

Hyundai revealed that the i30 N may arrive in two forms and both versions will be tailored for extreme performance. Both models will be relying on the same 2L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine but with two separate tunings.

The base version will be able to deliver 260hp and the range-topping variant can develop up to 374hp. This suggests that the i30 N will be calling out the Subaru WRX and the range-topping i30 N putting its scope on the all-new Ford Focus RS.

The i30 N will also be Hyundai’s first ever, performance-focussed, road legal car so expect them to aim for complete perfection with the sports hatch. Should the WRX and Focus RS worry?