Hyundai i30 N: What The US Is Missing Out On…

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It is finally here. The Hyundai i30 N is now available for purchase over in Europe and we managed to get an experience with the sports hatch throughout the weekend. So, just how good is it?

Based on price alone, the i30 N is already a winner in our eyes as a fully-equipped model is significantly cheaper than a Volkswagen Golf GTI that has a similar package. Looks can be subjective hence we won’t dwell into the subject much. All we can say that the i30 N has a decent appearance that is fully acceptable (we have seen to many ugly sports cars lately).

Powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, the i30 N can develop 275hp and this allows the car to offer some cheap thrills like spinning the wheels via the second gear. The lowered driving height helps enhance the engaging feel and it also made the i30 N really fun to drive.

Last but not least is versatility. The i30 N is not just about sporty performance as it can also handle well in Eco mode. The car can behave quietly and it is then you will realize the upmarket level of comfort inside the cabin.

In short, the i30 N quickly reminded us of the latest Honda Civic Type R but with a more comforting interior to offer. While the Type R may be faster, you won’t be too concerned for it as the i30 N is equally fun to drive. It’s just too bad that the US won’t be getting one.