Hyundai i30 N: When Speed Is Just A Mirage!

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The i30 N is Hyundai’s top-of-the-line sports hatchback, even if it does not have the speed that can offer rivals like the Honda Civic Type R and the Ford Focus RS a proper challenge.

This is due to the i30 N being able to hand you a high level of fun driving experience instead of just the ability to speed. We learned this first-hand when we helped ourselves to an i30 N experience in Europe before doing a mild lap run on a short test circuit.

Even on a light session tracking with the car, we felt a lot of fun as the seating position, superb tyre balance and lower centre of gravity makes the i30 N feel unusually faster than any other vehicle. It is this mirage of a feeling that has made the i30 N special.

The most important bit here is for you to not let this feeling get the better of you through making you believe that the i30 N is truly faster than the Focus RS and the Civic Type R.