Hyundai IONIQ Has No Plans On Following Toyota’s Vision

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EVs are fast turning into the bread and butter of the automotive industry and Hyundai is caught in the middle of it. The South Korean company had just launched the IONIQ Electric and they are hoping for the car to aid in electrifying their entire fleet.

The aim here is to have a competitive EV setup that can enable Hyundai to rival the big names in the market and among them are Tesla and Nissan. Hyundai is also aware that it won’t be an easy path for them as there are many other carmakers looking to launch an electric vehicle in the near future.

What bothers us is that Toyota is showing little interest in electrification. The all-time biggest volume carmaker from Japan has got a strong reputation for building reliable and efficient cars hence it is a wonder why they are holding back in the development of EVs. The closest thing to an EV is the latest Prius Prime – a car that relies on PHEV.

Well, the reason is because Toyota is giving a lot of thought to hydrogen-powered fuel-cell technology. Toyota has said before that FCEV is a lot better than EV and this is why they are rooting for pure electrification. The only setback with this dream is that EV is growing at a much faster pace than FCEV.

Toyota has called upon the automotive market to try FCEV out but only few were willing to give it a shot. You can count Hyundai out of it because the IONIQ will stick to its electric ways for the time being.