Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid Demonstration Is Awe-Inspiring

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The Hyundai IONIQ may not be the best rated vehicle in the green market but at least the car has got more aesthetics than its rivals. Unlike how it is with other green cars, the IONIQ looks much like a decent domestic vehicle.

The other thing we like about the IONIQ is that the vehicle is offered in three styles – hybrid, PHEV and EV. Today a video of the IONIQ Hybrid being compared to the EV model surfaced online and it left us in awe on the way green technology works.

Our interest is more on the IONIQ Hybrid as the video shows why the car would make the best choice for a green vehicle. The fact that it is not a pure EV means that the IONIQ Hybrid can defeat range anxiety as it consumes gas. Even so, the amount of gas used is so little that you won’t feel any pinch.

The awe-moment is when the IONIQ pump ticked off and it said you had 6 more liters of fuel. This translates to about 120km distance that can be covered with the balance fuel. You can check it out below.