Hyundai IONIQ: Leggy Upgrade Not Made For US?

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Hyundai launched the IONIQ last year but it was only very recently ago when they brought out an EV version of the vehicle here in the US. The IONIQ EV came out with an attractive price tag, competitive driving range and best of all, a decent design.

Everything about the IONIQ sounds great for an affordable EV but it is still not the perfect deal. For some consumers, they admitted to being interested in purchasing the IONIQ EV but they changed their mind after realizing that cabin space can be very limited to commute comfortably.

Hyundai has acknowledged those complaints but what the carmaker didn’t share is the secret development of the IONIQ LWB. The LWB variant basically means long wheelbase. This version of the IONIQ has a longer length thus allowing Hyundai to free up more space inside the cabin.

News of the IONIQ LWB spread like wildfire earlier this year when spy shots single-handedly confirmed on its production. The rumours have also claimed that the IONIQ LWB will make use of the extended length to wear bigger capacity batteries hence the promise of greater driving range.

Everything sounds great for the IONIQ LWB except that the car is unlikely to get released here in the US. It was revealed earlier today that the LWB variant is made for China – a country that greatly appreciates lengthy vehicles. Hyundai wants to be the top EV player in China hence the creation of IONIQ LWB.

But of course, until Hyundai makes the IONIQ LWB official, it is best for you to take the above with a grain of salt.