Hyundai IONIQ: LWB Not A Case Against Toyota Prius?

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The Hyundai IONIQ is a unique green car due to it being offered with three different kinds of green powertrains. Those interested in the IONIQ can opt for a full hybrid, PHEV or an EV.

The flexibility of the IONIQ is partly a reason why the vehicle is able to attract a large number of buyers but the biggest ‘thanks’ goes to the IONIQ’s design.

Unlike how it is with the Toyota Prius, the IONIQ has got a decent design that is also not alien-like. The car blends sportiness, futurism and the current design of cars to appear appealing in the eyes of the public.

The only setback with this is that the IONIQ is not big enough for a large number of interested buyers and this has apparently forced Hyundai back to the drawing board.

It was reported earlier today that Hyundai is now working on a long-wheelbase version of the IONIQ and it will address the lack of space inside the cabin.

Such an offering will certainly add value to the IONIQ but there is still no way to tell if the IONIQ LWB is meant to stiffen the competition against the Toyota Prius or targeted for China’s market which finds appeal in spacious cabin.