Hyundai IONIQ: LWB-Variant Can Leap Beyond Chevrolet Volt!

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The IONIQ is officially the first green-dedicated car from Hyundai and it has received great ratings from major auto reviewers.

Even we have to agree that the IONIQ is a superb hybrid vehicle that deserves your money as the car has got an attractive appearance and a decent performance to offer for its price.

But like every other vehicle, there are still flaws on the IONIQ and the biggest major setback with the vehicle is actually with rear-passenger comfort. Despite having a high quality cabin, the IONIQ lacks room for the rear-seated passengers.

The headroom and legroom on the rear seats are really limited and this happens to be the biggest issue with the car. It is also a problem which aftermarket workshops can’t fix.

The best solution is for Hyundai to develop a long-wheelbase variant of the IONIQ that can address the lack of space on the rear seats. The extra length will boost legroom making the vehicle more comforting to ride on.

Heck, the extra length can also allow Hyundai to offer a larger battery with the IONIQ thus boosting the vehicle’s driving range. With such an offering, the IONIQ can easily appeal to the mass market thus putting it in a strong position in the fight against the Chevrolet Volt.