Hyundai IONIQ: Poor Inventory Puts A Blockade On Success

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If you’re out in the market looking for the cheapest, decent looking and practical EV, you will see that the Hyundai IONIQ Electric is the best choice around.

The car has a tag of $29,500 and this is before electric tax rebates. This may seem a little more expansive than the Ford Focus Electric but you can appreciate the better design of the IONIQ as well as the generous boot space which the car has to offer. The best part about it is that the IONIQ’s driving range is on a respectable level of 124 miles.

Such an EV package can be really hard to resist and this explains why there is a long-line of interested IONIQ Electric buyers. The only problem left for Hyundai to address is market reach and sufficient supply.

At present moment, the IONIQ Electric is only available in California and it doesn’t help knowing that most dealers are dry on supply. This is a pity really as such issues have prevented the IONIQ Electric from looking great on the monthly sales charts.

Hyundai needs to find a solution for the supply issue quickly and once they are done, the company should work towards spreading the IONIQ Electric all over the US. Being unable to act quickly may end up badly for the car.