Hyundai IONIQ Would Never Let BMW i3 Win This Award

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The past decade has been a glorious one for South Korean carmaker, Hyundai. The company transited from being an ordinary carmaker into a major player in the automotive scene. For Hyundai, the want to keep the momentum going by winning everything there is to win.

Well, Hyundai can be proud of themselves because their debut in the green market saw the IONIQ bagging the ACEEE’s Greenest Vehicle Award. This is pretty big especially if you are to consider that the IONIQ managed to outdo the likes of BMW i3 and the Toyota Prius Eco.

Unlike other major awards, the one from ACEEE is handed out based on a point system rather than votes. The IONIQ scores a total of 64 points which equals to that of the BMW i3. Even so, the IONIQ bags the award because it scored more points in sub-categories where it matters.

The scoring system is based on DX, which estimates pollution coming from vehicle manufacturing, the production, power distribution and tailpipe emissions. It confirms that the IONIQ is one of the greenest choices around and Hyundai can pat themselves for winning the award.