Hyundai Kona Leaps Ahead Of GM & Nissan!

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The Kona is the newest crossover from Hyundai and we can confirm it to be a game-changing car in the industry. This is thanks to the Kona EV, which had just been confirmed by Hyundai to make its debut next year.

The Kona EV is basically a standard Kona that is fitted with an electric powertrain and Hyundai has confirmed that the range will be about 240 miles. This is quite massive if you consider that the Kona is going to be the only electric crossover with such range.

Both GM and Nissan are established names in the affordable EV market and they have yet to start on an EV crossover. As such, it is right to say that the Kona EV will get a head-start in the competition which can prove to be financially huge for Hyundai.

The Kona EV will be making its official debut at the next Geneva Motor Show and it will be targeting the global market. It will be interesting to see how GM and Nissan react to this.