Hyundai Kona: The EV Game Changer In The Works!

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Hyundai may not be the first name that comes to mind to those that are planning to adopt a pure electric car but this may change once he South Korean brand launches the Kona EV.

Due to arrive towards the end of this year, the Kona EV is now predicted by major automotive magazines to be a massive game-changer in the industry and it is easy to understand why.

Sure, the Kona may not have a Tesla badge or the patriotic label of a Chevrolet Bolt but it does have what most consumers want – a compact crossover. Crossovers are a huge thing in the automotive industry at the moment and they have been outselling sedans for a while now. With crossovers taking over as the new staple in the auto scene, it brings good sales prospect to the Kona EV.

It is also worth noting that the Kona EV is slated to match or exceed the range offered by both the Model 3 and the Bolt, all while retailing at a cheaper price.

To simplify it, the Kona EV may end up being a $33,000 compact crossover with 250 miles of electric driving range. This potential outcome would definitely turn the Kona EV into a massive volume seller thus making it right to call it as the potential game changer for Hyundai.