Hyundai Kona vs Chevrolet Bolt: Sluggish GM On The Front Foot Of Losing!

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It has been confirmed. Hyundai revealed earlier this month that they are working on the Kona EV and it will see the SUV running on a full electric powertrain. Despite being very different to the Chevrolet Bolt, we can’t help but to see the Kona EV as a sign of how slow GM is in the market.

The Kona EV is scheduled to arrive within a year from now and it will have about 310 miles of driving range to offer. In other words, the Kona EV is not a long way from now and it is already promising greater range than the Chevrolet Bolt.

For an SUV, this is really impressive as the larger size and greater weight does little in preventing the Kona EV from having a huge range.

GM has said before that they are working on more electric vehicles but the slowness of development will hand Hyundai a stronger start in the market. A production-ready version of the Kona EV will be making its debut at Geneva Motor Show 2018.