Hyundai Nexo: A Big Sign Of FCEV Revolution?

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Cars that get unveiled at CES tend to be less interesting due to their focus on technology but this is not the case for the new Hyundai Nexo. The crossover may have gotten unveiled at a tech convention but that didn’t stop it from signalling a big revolution for the automotive industry.

In case you are wondering what it is, we call it the big FCEV revolution. Short for fuel-cell vehicle, the FCEV powertrain feeds on hydrogen to produce power and it has been mentioned by several major carmakers to be better than pure EVs.

Currently, more carmakers are focussing on developing more electric vehicles but it doesn’t mean EVs are the perfect replacement for gasoline and diesel. This role belongs to FCEV as the hydrogen-based technology can mimic the range and ‘refuelling’ times of a normal car.

EVs require long hours to charge and it doesn’t help with range anxiety. The Nexo further proves that point when Hyundai revealed that the vehicle can cover 370 miles on a full tank of hydrogen. The vehicle relies on a 160hp electric motor that can allow it to hit 60mph in 9.5 seconds.

Performance is still pretty average for the Nexo but this is still a good sign because it implies that FCEV is nearing a big volume push in the automotive industry.