Hyundai Promises Greater Decline For Aston Martin

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If having Ford spoiling the exclusivity of that unique grille design on the cars from Aston Martin is not bad enough, Hyundai has shown that they are going to do the same in the near future.

The South Korean carmaker went on the annual Geneva Motor Show yesterday to bring out the Le Fil Rogue concept and they made it clear that the design language on the prototype will be the way of the vehicles in the future to come.

At a glance, the Le Fil Rouge Concept has got that Aston Martin vibe on its side profile and while the front grille may appear unique to the eyes, a closer inspection will see some essence of Aston Martin to it.

We are not particularly referring to the shape of the grille but the manner of the lines within the grille that has a strong stench of Aston Martin.

But of course, it could be just our eyes playing tricks on our perception hence we would love it if you can share your sentiment on the design of the Le Fil Rouge Concept.