Hyundai Santa Cruz Flirts With Kona Design Language

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The Kona is the newest SUV from Hyundai and it is also one that is eye-catching. This cannot be helped as the Kona has a quirky styling that is unique in the market and you can either love it or hate it.

If you are not a fan of quirky designs, then the upcoming pickup truck from Hyundai may not be the ideal choice for you. Dubbed as the Santa Cruz, the pickup truck is confirmed to come out next year and new evidence is pointing to a design language that is inspired by the Kona.

Hyundai has said before that the Santa Cruz will be a pickup truck that is based on the Santa Fe. Today, spy photos of the next-gen Santa Fe emerged online and it saw the SUV incorporating some design elements from the Kona for its front fascia.

If the Santa Cruz is to follow suit, then the pickup truck may have some quirkiness to offer rather than being a premium looking utility vehicle like the official concept pictured above. All will be revealed when the Santa Cruz make its debut next year.