Hyundai Santa Cruz Is What The Mercedes X-Class Should’ve Been

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Come next year, Hyundai is expected to launch the all-new Santa Cruz. For those who don’t know what it is, the Santa Cruz will be Hyundai’s first ever pickup truck and it is being built based on the Santa Fe.

Hyundai offered more information on the Santa Cruz earlier today and they revealed that they want the pickup truck to have the best comfort and design. The styling of the Santa Cruz Concept looks luxurious and we find it to be more premium than the all-new Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

The latter is dubbed as a luxury pickup truck from Mercedes that is based on the Nissan Navara. However, the only thing premium on the X-Class is with the interior and the front design. In terms of aesthetics, shape and structure, the Santa Cruz looks better and more luxurious.

But of course, design is always a subjective topic as it depends on the eyes of the beholder. Do you think that the Santa Cruz will do better in defining luxury pickup trucks than the X-Class?