Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Holding Out Debut Until Ford Ranger Arrives

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It has been three years since Hyundai brought out the Santa Cruz Pickup Truck concept and we are still pending to see the vehicle getting produced. So when will Hyundai starts rolling out the Santa Cruz Pickup Truck?

This particular question was answered by Hyundai earlier today when they revealed that the Santa Cruz Pickup Truck will hope to make its debut before 2019. Hyundai didn’t provide any details on what is holding the Santa Cruz Pickup Truck from making a swift debut but that didn’t stop the rumors from pointing their fingers at the Ford Ranger.

Ford has already confirmed that the Ranger will be making a return next year and this has given Hyundai the confidence to place a target release date for their first ever pickup truck. It was also mentioned that Hyundai is waiting for the Ranger to arrive due to the potential for the vehicle to ease up the midsized market. Such an outcome can really boost the Santa Cruz Pickup’s prospects for an impactful debut.

The Santa Cruz Pickup Truck is expected to come out running on AWD and it is hoping to offer an upmarket hauling experience in the midsized pickup truck segment when released.

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  1. Mark Blackburn

    May 17, 2017 at 5:57 pm

    I think Hyundai is making a HUGE mistake! They could have released this as a 2017, and beaten Ford to the punch. The Chevrolet Colorado is a full size truck by standards of 20 years ago. It is just too big for many customers who don’t want to lift stuff so high into a high, full-size truck bed. Ford has been selling the new ranger in other markets for 5+ years now. Why are THEY taking so long? What a missed opportunity! by the time they get to market, their opportunity may have passed! And, Hyundai is crazy for waiting. There is a massive hole in the market right now, and neither company is interested in filling it. By the time they are, we’ll be on to electric and autonomous trucks. This is a complete marketing FAIL!