Hyundai Set To Follow Honda Ridgeline, Not Chevy Colorado

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About 2 years ago, Hyundai pulled the curtains off a new pickup truck that is based on Santa Cruz SUV and it got everyone excited. The midsized pickup was then confirmed for production but things when quiet following that.

Even today, there has yet to be any official word on the status of Santa Cruz pickup. The closest thing we have is unconfirmed reports claiming that 2019 will be the year where the Santa Cruz pickup ,akes its official debut. The report further claims that the pickup will be very close to the concept it is based on.

If so, then the Santa Cruz pickup is at risk of ending up like the Honda Ridgeline. The vehicle will come with a number of great features but its general focus will prevent it from making it big, especially since off-roading is a must have skill for pickup trucks here in the US.

The design already suggests a luxurious cum stylish pickup truck profile rather than a ‘get down and dirty’ appearance thus making it look like it will be taking a path similar to the Ridgeline. Will it happen though?