Hyundai Sonata Is A Resale Away From Beating Honda Accord!

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The midsized sedan segment is going through a rough recession at the moment but the cars from Honda and Toyota are not too affected by it. Both the Camry and the Accord continues to appeal to the market hence upholding great resale value.

The same can’t be said for the Hyundai Sonata and this is despite of the fact that South Korean carmakers have grown to become a major competitor in the market.

One may say that the performance and value of the Sonata are already on-par with the Honda Accord but the same can’t be said about the vehicle’s resale value, as well as reliability. Just looking around at the used market will show you a large number of 2013 Sonata, going away at around $10,000.

This is significantly fewer than the Accord and part of the blame goes to the Sonata’s poor record in reliability. There was a time where the car suffered from engine failures although a recall has already been made to fix it.

Either way, the Sonata highlights on what Hyundai needs to work on if they want to beat the best in the midsized segment and survive the great sedan decline.