Hyundai Veloster N vs VW Golf GTi: A Brewing Rivalry!

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Volkswagen announced last month that the Golf still have a huge role to play in their line-up before promising a limitless performance with the next-gen sports hatch.

But of course, when VW mentioned 400+hp, they were obviously referring to the range-topping Golf R. The mid-level GTi is likely to linger around 300hp to 330hp. Keeping in mind of the Golf’s pricing pattern, it makes the car more fitting of becoming a direct rival for the next-gen Hyundai Veloster N.

The latter has already made its official unveiling over in South Korea and it promises to offer a performance that can leave the current Golf GTi in its smoke. To keep it brief, the Veloster N will have 275hp to offer and its prices will be capped at about $32,000.

If Hyundai can deliver just that while also ensuring the Veloster N to have strong steering feedback instead of a numb-feel, we don’t see why the sports hatch can’t force Volkswagen’s hand to rush the release of the next-gen Golf GTi.