Hyundai Wants To Eclipse Toyota, Honda FCEV Goals!

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Both Toyota and Honda are two of the biggest carmakers in the world and they also boast a reputation for offering reliable daily drivers.

South Korean carmaker, Hyundai, may have narrowed the gap separating it from Honda and Toyota but they are still a ‘third-choice’ brand for the average consumer.

For Hyundai, they want to be at the top of the pecking order and they are aware that it will take a miracle to outdo Toyota and Honda on the normal market. As such, Hyundai has looked over to FCEV and they are hoping to be the number one brand in offering hydrogen-powered vehicles.

FCEV is a technology which both Honda and Toyota believe will replace EVs and ICE cars entirely and they are already on the front-foot of revolutionizing the industry. Toyota already has the Mirai and Honda has got the Clarity.

Hyundai is not far behind, however, as they have introduced their FCEV setup through the Santa Fe. Now, Hyundai are pushing to overtake its Japanese rivals after several FCEV-powered vehicles were spotted driving autonomously over in South Korea.

This suggests that we will soon witness a hydrogen-powered, autonomous Hyundai getting introduced to the world and the fact that both the Mirai and Clarity can’t drive on its own gives Hyundai a greater prospect for success. We can expect official details on this to surface soon.