Hyundai’s Next FCEV: Learning From The Mirai To Achieve 500-Mile Range!

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We have seen Hyundai previewing their FCEV technology with the latest Santa Fe. Now, the South Korean carmaker has returned to share about how they are more committed in developing the world’s leading FCEV system.

Hyundai did so by revealing that they are currently developing a brand new hydrogen SUV that has about 500 miles of driving range. Hyundai added that they have studied how the latest Toyota Mirai FCEV was able to develop a cooling solution that aids in improving driving range and they are looking forward to applying the same component for their FCEV system.

The exciting thing is that the FCEV SUV won’t be all about driving range. The vehicle will be able to rival the petrol-powered cars as it has a top speed of 110mph. Hence, this will make the SUV in development more powerful and more economical than the Santa Fe. More details on the next Hyundai FCEV are bound to surface late next year.