Iconic Mercedes McLaren SLR Caught Self-Driving Flawlessly

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The Mercedes McLaren SLR was the benchmark of all performance cars back in the mid-2000 and many have seemed to forget about the vehicle. Well, it won’t matter anyway because we just witnessed a rare happening involving the McLaren SLR.

The supercar from Mercedes was filmed driving without a driver behind its wheels and it left us in awe. This is because the car was driver-free while running at high speeds and it even managed to go through the corners with ease.

If you are thinking about autonomous technology, you are not quite accurate because the cause of the McLaren SLR driving on its own is the Cena-Effect. Knowing that nobody can see popular wrestler John Cena, we can’t help but to pretend that he was not behind the wheel of his Mercedes McLaren SLR.

John Cena was merely reviewing his McLaren SLR and we can hear his narrations but the driver seat was empty as the car moves around the block. You can check out the clip below.