If Chrysler Disappears Tomorrow, Nobody Would Care

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What automotive brand could disappear tomorrow and you wouldn’t care? This is an interesting question that was raised on a popular automotive forum and surprisingly, many voted for Chrysler as their answer.

We are certainly shocked by this because Chrysler is a popular nameplate here in the US and the fact that many voted for it clear shows something is wrong with the carmaker.

Well, those that voted the Chrysler as the brand that does not affect them explained that they pick the company because of the lack of vehicles offered by the carmaker. It was pointed out that Chrysler only has the all-new Pacifica and the 300.

As much as they want to support the new Pacifica, the vehicle is a minivan and this is something they are not interested in. So if Chrysler is to make a sudden exit in the market, no one will be too bothered by it.