If Toyota Fix 86 Underpowered Issue, There Won’t Be A Supra!

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The Toyota 86 is a nice affordable sports car you can buy although many would prefer getting another vehicle due to the 86’s lack of power. For its price, the 86 is viewed by many as a weak sports car and they are disappointed by it.

The unhappy folks are loud in blasting Toyota for not being serious with their sports program as they know better that a simple turbocharger unit can solve the shortage of power with the 86.

True enough, Toyota is fully capable of turbocharging the 86 but the fact that they didn’t want to do it means that there is a bigger plan in motion. We don’t know about you but we feel that it may have to do with the upcoming Supra.

The next-gen Supra is due to arrive later this year and several insiders have been claiming that the vehicle will retail under $50,000. This is fitting for an affordable sports car, which is also slated to have about 400hp to offer from a BMW-sourced engine. So, how is this affecting the 86 again?

It may not be official but we feel that a turbocharged 86 may end up being too close to what the upcoming Supra can offer and this may cannibalize the vehicle’s sales. Also, the 86 is an entry-level sports car built for the masses which means that it will need to have Toyota’s reliability standards.

Any expert will say that a naturally-aspirated mill is more bulletproof than turbocharged setups hence influencing Toyota to not give in to the 86 critics. The Supra will be used to cater those that desire for more power so there is no further need for a turbocharged 86.