Incoming Ford Ranger Forces Tesla To Hasten EV Pickup

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A couple of years ago, back when we started seeing the sharp growth of Tesla Motors, we predicted that the carmaker will eventually develop an EV pickup truck. Well, this prediction may come out sooner than expected after Elon Musk teased on its development very recently ago

The CEO of Tesla revealed on Twitter that the carmaker will be bringing out a semi-truck in Q3 this year and the announcement left everyone jaw-hanging. This cannot be helped as nobody saw the announcement coming, especially when knowing that Tesla is busy developing the Model 3.

It made us wonder on what could have forced Tesla’s hand to announce on a pickup truck sooner than anticipated. So when Ford reminded us of the Ranger and the possibility of electric energy being used with the pickup truck, we can’t help but assume that the Ranger is the cause for Tesla to make a sudden announcement on their pickup truck plans.

The Ranger is said to have a wider market reach than current midsized models hence it is only right for the vehicle to be the first pickup truck that relies on electric energy. But of course, we can only be certain about this when Tesla unveils the EV pickup truck in September this year.