India-Bound Jeep Compass Sends Invite To Renegade

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Jeep’s global sales expedition may not be as huge as Ford or GM but they are changing that quickly. Jeep’s latest move is to enter India and it is a decision which they are not regretting one bit.

It was revealed earlier today that Jeep is doing ever-so-well in India. The brand started off by selling the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler in the country and the huge reception it received has prompted Jeep to launch the new-generation Compass.

What’s best about it is that the Compass is the first Jeep model to get developed in India for India and it is scheduled to arrive on July 30 this month. If that is not exciting enough, Jeep said that they will shift their focus to affordable vehicles following the Compass and the Renegade fits the bill best.

With India having one of the roughest roads in the world, it greatly explains why the country is flocking to adopting a Jeep.