Infiniti Q Inspiration Brings Nissan Fairlady Promises!

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What you’re looking at above is a concept photo of a coupe-like vehicle from Infiniti and it is called the Q Inspiration. Much like most other vehicle concepts, we can say that the Q Inspiration looks superb and also promising if it is to materialize into a production vehicle.

The vague rendering above shows the shell of a four-door coupe and the measurements quickly reminded us of the Nissan Fairlady. Be it the 350Z or the 370Z, both sports coupes are awesome but they are being deprived of a successor.

With Nissan being too focussed on SUVs and crossovers, it greatly suggests that they have called for Infiniti to fill in for the missing new Z-car. This would then explain the creation of the Q Inspiration, which would make a great new Z-Car under Infiniti’s wing.

More details on the Q Inspiration will arrive together with a physical concept at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show taking place in about a fortnight from now and so stay tuned for the updates.