Infiniti Q50 Red Sport vs Mercedes-AMG E43: It Can’t Get Closer Than This!

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Nissan’s luxury arm, Infiniti, has gone a long way to become a major player in the luxury scene and they even have some exciting performance cars to show.

The latest Q50 Red Sport is proof that Infiniti is on the right track and today, we are going to see if the sports luxury sedan can beat a more established vehicle like the Mercedes-AMG E43.

On papers, there is no way to tell on which car is faster on the straight line since the numbers are near identical to each other. The Q50 Red Sport has got 400hp to offer whereas the E43 has 396hp. The former operates on AWD while the latter has RWD.

The Q50 Red Sport has got the slight advantage on this front but let’s not forget that the E43 is better optimized for performance. We have seen both cars competing on the drag strip earlier today and all we can say is that the difference between the two cars is very narrow.