Infiniti Q60: 50% Units Sold Are At Risk Of Going Dead!

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Just when things are starting to look exciting for Infiniti, the carmaker is struck by a big issue plaguing both the Q50 and Q60. It was discovered earlier today that there is a software fault with the Q50 and Q60’s fuel pump, and it can result in both vehicles being inoperable.

Infiniti announced that the issue is confirmed to be only with the Q50 and Q60 that are equipped with the 2L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. It is also worth noting that the Q50 affected are those produced in 2016-2018 whereas the Q60 are assembled in 2017.

The total number of vehicles identified with the fault is 14,912 and a whopping 11,843 of them are the Q50. It doesn’t look much for the Q60 until you realized that the 2,349 units being recalled is more than 50% of the Q60 sold last year.

Owners of the affected vehicles are being notified of the recall and they are advised to head to the nearest dealer for a quick software update. Since the issue is not mechanical-related, Infiniti is expected to fix every vehicle swiftly.