Infiniti Q60 Black S vs Lexus LC500: Battle For Attraction

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What you are looking at above is the Infiniti Q60 Black S and it is not your ordinary Q60. The vehicle is a newly unveiled concept from Infiniti and it hints on an impactful future in the performance market.

The name may suggest it to be a midnight edition of the Q60 but it is actually more than that. The concept is said to be a sign of greater things to come in the Renault Sport Formula 1 Team. It was mentioned that the Q60 Black S will run on the 3L twin-turbo V6 engine sourced from the Red Sport thus allowing the car to develop 400hp.

Furthermore, the Q60 Black S has got new performance parts that are tuned for batter handling. While Infiniti may not have a good track record for turning concepts to reality, their prototypes will at least bring inspiration to a future production vehicle. This can be seen with the Eau Rogue Concept that eventually gave birth to the Red Sport 400.

So if there is going to be an offspring for the Q60 Black S, it is likely to go neck and neck with the upcoming Lexus LC500. The latter is confirmed to come out later this year with a new V8 engine that can churn out 471hp. Can the Q60 Black S keep up or will it just be slow and look good?