Infiniti Q60 Black S Wants To Fix Red Sport Performance Flaws

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Many would say that Infiniti has bottled their chances to make an impact in the market with the Q60 Red Sport and this is because the car can’t really bring out the best of the 400hp engine it runs on.

Despite looking overwhelmingly attractive on the specs sheet, the performance has been below par for the Q60 Red Sport hence the car needs to go back to the drawing board if it wants to correct its ways.

Well, this looks like it is already happening as we speak after new reports reveal that the recently revealed Black S concept has been approved for production. The Q60 Black S will hope to do one better than the Red Sport by coming out with 500hp to offer.

The Black S will see the Q60 having a dark appearance and performance is being refined by the tuners from Pirelli. What’s best about it is that the Black S still runs on a 400hp 3L bi-turbo engine and the extra power comes from the addition of a hybrid tool called Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

But of course, we prefer to sit back and wait for the Black S to come out before we can place a verdict on the car. This is out of fear that the Q60 Black S may still be unable to perform like what the numbers say.