Infiniti QX80 Answers To Audi Q8 Challenge!

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Audi has made it clear that they want to turn up the heat in the luxury SUV market through launching the Q8 and rivals BMW and Mercedes-Benz have shown interest to compete with the vehicle.

Today, we can confirm that Nissan’s luxury arm, Infiniti, will also be joining in the fight and their champion is called the QX80. Infiniti announced at Dubai earlier today that developments for the QX80 are already in motion and it will be their prize SUV.

The vehicle is described to be a next-level luxury SUV that can go toe-to-toe with the upcoming Audi Q8. The QX80 will be debuting at the next New York Auto Show and before going on sale in selected regions.

Personally, we are quite surprised by the announcement because we never though Infiniti got some fight in them.

Infiniti has always been regarded as an entry-level luxury brand, which is a step below the likes of Audi. However, recent years have seen Infiniti blossoming on the sales front and this may have motivated the company into building the QX80.

Picture: Infiniti QX70