Infiniti Super-EV SUV To End 2017 On A High?

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If you’ve been following Infiniti closely, then you should know that the luxury arm of Nissan has something huge being planned for 28 November this month.

For those that are clueless about it, November 28 is promised by Infiniti to be the premiere of their most advanced vehicle in history. The details on the mystery vehicle are unknown but most major outlets are predicting it to be an SUV.

Taking into account that everything advance from Nissan’s camp involves electrification and self-driving technology, we are expecting to see a luxury EV SUV with a massive driving range and the ProPilot system.

Of course, we do hope for a surprise like the vehicle not being an SUV as we getting bored of this trendy offering. All will be revealed on November 28 so mark your calendars everyone.