Is Jeep Scrambler The Truck Ford Ranger Should Worry About?

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The next-gen Ford Ranger is one of the most anticipated vehicles right now and this is especially after Ford confirmed that the vehicle will be debuting together with the Raptor trim from day one.

If the Ford F-150 Raptor is anything to go by, the Ranger Raptor will arrive with the best-in-class performance that can push the Ranger’s nameplate ahead of the Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Colorado.

But then again, we don’t think that it will be a walk in the park for the Ranger Raptor as there is but one upcoming midsized pickup truck that can really spoilt its dreams. We are referring to the Jeep Scrambler – a vehicle that is technically a Wrangler with a pickup truck bed attached to it.

With the Scrambler being based largely on the Wrangler, it will definitely boast having the best all-terrain setup around. Furthermore, Jeep can offer the Scrambler with the Trackhawk trim so as to leave the Ranger Raptor biting its dust.

We don’t know about you but these are some huge advantages for the Scrambler to acquire success ahead of Ranger. Should Ford start worrying?