Is Mercedes-Benz Anti-Selling EQ-Class?

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Take it from Mercedes-Benz. The German luxury carmaker has been moving the earth and the stars to develop its first electric vehicle and they still admit that EV is not the best option for consumers.

Despite gaining a lot of attention for the development of the EQ-Class, Mercedes revealed earlier today that EVs are great but PHEVs are better. Also known as plug-in hybrids, Mercedes believe that this is the best green solution right now as you will get a car that runs on green technology but without range anxiety.

Sure, PHEVs may still rely on gasoline for its power generators but the amount of fuel consumed is significantly lower than even a pure hybrid.

We can’t help but to agree with Mercedes on this front and we are also suspicious about the timing of the reveal. Mercedes is said to bring the EQ-Class to the LA Auto Show next month hence the announcement today sounded like Mercedes is anti-selling the EQ-Class.

Could it be because Mercedes wants to lower the huge demand for the EQ-Class? If so, then the practice is no different to that of the Tesla Model 3. What do you think?