Is New Jeep Wrangler A Step Forward From Predecessor?

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If the answer to the question above is to be based on looks alone, it may sound like a no because the new generation Jeep Wrangler has a styling that is largely identical to its predecessor.

But if performance, in-cabin technology, modern features and a more refined overall driving experience are taken into account, the answer would be a straight out yes.

Popular reviewer Doug DeMuro agrees with this as he specifically quoted the new Wrangler to be “much better than the old one.” The lad made such a remark when reviewing the new generation Wrangler and he is full of praises for the vehicle.

Sure, the Wrangler may not be the best in fuel economy or reliability but its iconic status and “one size fits all” approach has turned it into a vehicle you will have difficulties hating on. Whether you’re a lady, a millionaire, a lumberjack or even a school kid, you can always look good inside a Wrangler.

But how much better is the new Wrangler when compared to its predecessor? Well, the only way to find out is to get a close-up tour of the vehicle in Doug’s review video below.