It’s Official, Nissan Rogue Has Lost It Against Toyota RAV4!

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The first-half of 2017 has been all about Nissan as the carmaker achieved record-breaking sales figures thanks to the launch of the new generation Rogue. Nissan moved more Rogues than any other vehicle in the market thus putting the carmaker at the top of the volume charts.

The happening also got many speculating that Nissan may just finish 2017 with greater volume than Toyota. Well, this is now looking unlikely as Toyota has gained momentum in the second-half of 2017 and they have officially overtaken Nissan on the volume count.

Toyota returned to top spot in full style and it is mostly owed to the RAV4. Despite its age, the RAV4 has acquired 346,316 new buyers in 2017 and this is about 20,000 units more than the Nissan Rogue.

The only good news for Nissan is that there are still 2 more months to play on the sales front before 2017 comes to a close and they can made an attempt at a comeback by throwing in heavy promotions with the Rogue.