Jacked-Up Chevrolet Bolt Lost In Corvette ZR1’s Shadows!

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Last week, Chevrolet brought out the next-gen Corvette ZR1 and it created a craze so huge that some of their other products didn’t get the attention it deserves. What products?

Well, you may have probably missed it but Chevrolet also pulled the curtains off a brand new EV and it is a crossover that is based on the latest Bolt. The unnamed EV Concept stepped into the light at the 2017 Barclays Global Automotive Conference and it came with a confirmation on production.

As mentioned before, the crossover is based on the Bolt hence it came to no surprise that the vehicle has the same C-pillar and design language. The EV powertrain too is not expected to be different from the one on the Bolt although we can expect some improvements to the range and electric efficiency.

It is unsure if the concept will be making a second appearance at the upcoming LA Auto Show but we do hope it does because not many are aware of the Bolt-based crossover that is in the works.