Jaguar E-Pace: Made To Boost F-Pace Reputation?

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If there’s one thing we are not pleased with Jaguar, it is the newly-launched E-Pace. The E-Pace is made to act as the smaller version of the F-Pace but it lacks the necessary ingredients to compete with other compact premium SUVs in the market.

On the exterior, the E-Pace looks great but the same can’t be said for the interior. The cabin actually felt like a massive step back from the F-Pace as the premium finish is non-existent and nothing about it feels solid.

Every interior component feels small such as the thickness of the seats and the doors. While this may benefit commuters by offering more space, it also leads to a noisy and uncomfortable cabin.

At first, we thought that having the E-Pace being nothing more than a rescaled F-Pace would be bad for Jaguar but we would take that over the current outcome. If you are interested to learn more about the E-Pace, you can check out the in-depth review below.