Jeep Cherokee Hands New Owners A Negative Welcome!

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Consumer Reports were loud when revealing that the vehicles from Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles are the worst choices around in terms of reliability.

But despite that fact, a large number of consumers are willing to settle for a car from FCA and it is due to the attractive performance and numbers on the specs sheet. This explains why names like the Dodge Challenger, Chrysler Pacifica and Jeep Cherokee are continuously achieving decent sales.

The Cherokee, in particular, is known to carry a number of production fault in the past and it appears that nothing has changed today. Those that thought it is a good idea to purchase a 2018 Jeep Cherokee for a solid daily driver will probably be regretting that decision because the SUV is now being recalled after an investigation highlight on a fire risk with the vehicle.

FCA quoted “a batch of fuel-supply tubes may have connectors that were incorrectly fitted”. In total, 48,990 examples of the Cherokee are being recalled by Jeep and they are all from the 2018 model.