Jeep Compass Saves Jeep From Embarrassing January

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Jeep has enjoyed a consistent incline in sales throughout 2017 in the US and this is mostly thanks to the Compass. Since the release of the latest generation Compass, sales of the vehicles have surpassed expectations and it helps cover up the declines of other models from Jeep.

Things are no different for January 2018 as the Compass continues to become the saviour of Jeep’s monthly financial sheet. The SUV experienced a 222.12% growth in January which translates to 10,192 Compass sold.

The only other vehicle to enjoy an incline is the Wrangler, although the iconic SUV only grew by 3.57% when compared to January of last year.

It is still a positive start from Jeep and the carmaker is expecting sales to significantly improve for the Wrangler once deliveries of the new generation model go into full swing. Until then, Jeep can be glad to have the Compass around as the SUV had just saved them from ending January on the reds.