Jeep Grand Cherokee: Is Eco Mode A Disaster To Fuel Efficiency?

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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is described as an upmarket large SUV that is made for the adventurers and the young executives. The vehicle is also well equipped with driving technologies such as driving modes.

Speaking of which, it was reported today that the Eco Mode on the Grand Cherokee is actually not the most fuel efficient choice around. One owner who just purchased the Grand Cherokee found the fuel consumption indicator stating 7.1km/l on an average drive.

This translates to 16.7mpg, which slightly below EPA ratings. It is not bad for an SUV that has a lot of power to offer. But what surprised us is that the owner confirmed his Grand Cherokee is able to offer even better gas mileage when in Sports Mode.

The lad shared that he tried having some fun with his Grand Cherokee very recently ago and after giving the vehicle a beating, it indicated 17.4mpg. That is a commendable improvement and it puts the question mark on the Eco Mode.

Perhaps, Eco Mode has restricted the engine to the point that in the mountains it significantly hurt performance. Instead of the engine just running efficiently it abused itself. Until we have a clear explanation for this happening, you can give Sports Mode a try on your Grand Cherokee.