Jeep Not Planning For Another Renegade Hate Experience

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The Renegade has proved to be a profitable vehicle for Jeep despite the strong disagreement shown by US consumers. Here in the US, the majority of Jeep fans find the Renegade as a cash grab offering that isn’t align with Jeep’s heritage.

It is that sole reason to why many have hated the Renegade but the situation is very different over in Europe. In the Old Continent, the Renegade is highly appreciated for its all-terrain ability and affordability.

Now, Jeep is planning one better and that is a subcompact SUV that will get slotted below the Renegade. The carmaker talked about it earlier today and they teased that a production concept will be available before the end of this year.

However, knowing that small vehicles are not receiving a lot of love in the US, the vehicle is likely to target the global market when released. Such a plan will gladly save Jeep from another ‘anti-Renegade’ movement.